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K. Len Creative Agency is an innovative agency that specializes in branding, individuals, organizations and ideas. We transform fledgling concepts into impressive  multi channel marketing campaigns, so that your message can be shared to those yearning for it.

Services include the development of a wide range of promotional materials that nurture expansion. The agency has experienced and enthusiastic writers, graphic designers, web designers,and photographers that have been fully trained in house, and understand that we are here to create love marks in the world. We eagerly embrace the most challenging projects.

At the agency, we offer access to focus groups as well, which are setup to identify YOUR customer base and gather knowledge of appropriate prospects.

 We cater to visionaries who are ready to be game changers. We create comprehensive multi-platform media campaigns which includes brand development, design strategy and production workflow to help Your Brand gain exposure and stand out amoungst the crowd we develop the right materials to give you maximum exposure on and offline. 

The agency has an impressive reputation among entrepreneurs, solopreneurs,  artists and business owners. We are small agency with big ideas that focus on producing exemplary projects that positively influence the global community.

We Believe Authenticity and Integrity, Produce Big Rewards.

Truth Builds Trust.

We are a CREATIVE AGENCY  that does more than just generate customers, we create believers
Our main goal is to help you develop life long brand engagements!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step

~ Chinese Proverb



We love to plan first. We arrange a meeting with clients and plan the project concept.


We offer a free 30 min consultation so that we can get a basic understanding of how we can develop your brand to be dynamic. After that we head to the creative lab and come up with  a plan to execute all the wonderful things that we have discussed.


We head over to creation. We create your brand and show you the draft for revision.


Now it’s time to sketch out and create your brand that represents you, we put the planning stage into visual reality. We take care of  your projects as much as you do. We create such an wonderful product that represents your brand and show your brand’s personality.


Finally It's time to deliver your project. We make sure that you have 100% satisfaction with your product.


Final delivery will be executed when you really love you product and after we agree upon everything. This delivery can be done via drop box or google drive based on what were working on. Just Keep faith on us and get and outstanding product at the end.

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Cool Reviews

Meet Your New Besties, Our Gurus.

Karise Allen, MFA.
Karise Allen, MFA.Vision Surrogate/Photographer
“My purpose in life is to help you share your vision with the world through photography, design & strategic planning, which is something I Love to call visual communications!””
I am Karise, A Vison surrogate and photographer able to pose a person to perfection, designer, journalist, educator, painter, creator, Innovator, and solo/entrepreneur, with the ability to help YOU visually communicate your message. I have truly, had a long lasting love affair with communications starting out in Radio Television & Film, to News Paper, Photography, Design, Marketing & Branding.

I have been fortunate to stumble upon my role in life which is to understand and give birth to your vision, so that my team and I can help You define your message, through strategy, innovation and creative direction.

My love affair with life…( I personally love wine, traveling, hosting events, jazz, cooking, reading fantabulous books( shout out to audible in car Heyy!!!!), fresh flowers and plants, butterflies flying in the air, spending time with my love, my family, close friends, people watching, volunteering to help children or the homeless and the elderly, and freaking AAAA YESSSS…..listening to public access radio like whyy or npr.org ( My friends hate to ride with me.”lol) and being near a body of water listening to the waves crash. I also love the scent of my scarfe marinated in pertouli, bergamont or lavander oil, and last but not least I love the sound of a record crackle :). My motto ” Live to Love”

Multi-Media / Vision Surrogate 99%
Photography 98%
Sabina G.Graphic Designer
With a life long passion for drawing and graphics, Sabina graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Design from the Art Institute. She loves to create and develop dynamic graphic design marketing materials for our clients.
Graphic Design 98%
photo editing 97%
Mahmudul S.Web Designer
Mahmudul is currently on his way to graduation with Bachelor Of Computer Science & Engineering. With over 5 years of experience, Mahamadul has a true passion and love to develop websites that radiates our clients personal brand.
Web design 99%
Codeing 97%

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

K.Len Creative Agency is a trusted and reliable Agency we have dedicated and motivated creatives who are taking care of your project, ensuring highest quality and best support. At K.Len Creative Agency we are proud not only of our photography, design and promotion services, we are changing the world of self branding one step at a time and your project can be a part of this amazing change. We all do share at least one thing in common and that’s our passion and love for living in our passion and everything about it. We are the team you were looking for and we can prove it!

Our job is to make sure your visible, credible, and memorable.

We Think Vision

Often times people will ask us why is hiring an agency so damn important , when we can go to vista print.  We simply say, dare to be different, ACT bold and dare go outside the box such as Einstein, Henry Ford, Marie Forleo or Eric Thomas the key is to just be you and then you will  see just how big you can blow up your life.

We Are Creative

With a passion for emphasizing your brand, increase your visual message and create a continuous impact, we design unique visual communications through websites, electronic press kits, corporate identity development including logo creation, social media layouts, business cards, and promotional material such as flyers, covers and much more.

We Are Determined

We ask loads of question to get you on the path to seek an uncommon approach for the simple answer.  We realize that your vision is yours and we are determined at K.Len Creative to follow your compass and map so that we can allow your vision to be expressed to the people you believe are supposed to hear your message.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started!