Right Angle Fund Case Study

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Project Brief The Right Angle fund is a Boutique Real Estate Investment Management Company located in south Florida. The owners wanted to develop a visual marketing campaign to acquire homes located in the Opa-Locka area of Florida. As we consulted with them we developed a door-to-door marketing campaign as well as  a billboards off 95 that was [...]

Elizabeth Madison Nutrition Case Study

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Project Brief To Eat better.Feel better.Live better our client,  Elizabeth Madison Nutrition, was ready to transform her lifestyle into a  business to help others accomplish  nutritional goals for life. We developed a strategy  to lose the excess fat and gain muscle to assist the company in being able to carry 3x more clients and be [...]

Benjamin Seafood Restaurant

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Project Brief This little family owned seafood restaurant is in the heart of Sosua Dominican Republic. Our team jumped in to help a fish out of troubled water. We developed a brand strategy + identity that would fill those eyes before they even had a chance to taste the food.  Benjamin's Seafood visibility and sales grew by 21% in [...]

Cheyney University Graduate School

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Project Brief Cheyney University has been holding on to its legacy since 1837 known as the 1st HBCU, however quite as kept, no  one was really aware about the graduate center right in the heart of Center City Philadelphia where classes were being offered to continuing education students, as well as those getting graduate [...]

Women’s TV


Project Brief An online and cable television show about great women doing wonderful things. This project allowed our full team to come together and come up with a familiar but innovative way to merge the various generations of women.  They really had a strong idea of what they felt they wanted to see [...]

HyEnd Furniture Case Study

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Not your typical online furniture store, HyEnd Furniture, serves the DFW and Houston Texas area. They actually have an onsite store in Dallas where they sale name brand furniture at a phenomenal price, but trying to find them was like that hidden change in the crease of the Sofa along with the crumbs. You know how you finally pull your cushions out and you find loads of money in there, well K.Len Creative agency got busy helping HyEnd get that extra change. Our team went in to do a full brand over hall where we redesigned there logo, website, flyers, social media banners, as well as gathered a street team to pass out flyers to targeted areas, based on demographics. This Increased there sales by 20% and we ran a 2 month campaign on facebook which led to an increase in 200 followers to 2700 followers.

Flyer Design



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Banner Design



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